Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Unexpected

The sounds of lightning striking furiously outside just spoiled my deep sleep.The cold air rushing in from outside was making me to shiver.I pulled the comforter closer to my body as if it could provide me more heat.That was the best that I could do...I can`t even move another muscle! Pain was all over my body...It was all his fault! He betrayed me...why wasn`t he be sincere before?How could he...

I opened my eyes when I heard footsteps drawing nearer and nearer towards the King-sized bed where I was sleeping. I closed my eyes quickly when I spotted his gesture staring at me. Yes,I was afraid of him and now, he made me to be afraid of my OWNself! I really disgust him...

Owh...I really wish that this was all along a nightmare and everything will be okay when I wake up! But, a part of me is persistently saying that this is REALITY and I am married to him...

"Dianne ! I knew that you are not asleep...stop pretending to ignore my presence here!"
He said with a deep,cold voice.

I opened my eyes and stared at him! I tried to be strong in front of him!

"Why?Why should I?I H-A-T-E you, you stupid jerk!Why did you lied to me?"

I ambushed him with questions. People were true...there`s only a thin line between love...and hate...I regretted for giving him all my trust and faith before. He was still relaxed,not eager to answer any of my questions...

"Haha...why are you so quiet now Michael Van de Louisse? Cat get your tongue,ey? I want a divorce!! I can`t stand being in one bed with a cold-blooded creature like you!"

I said it under one breath!He came closer to me...I saw a sedatif in his hands...gently...the needle being poked through my skin...making me feeling very sleepy again.

"If that is the how way you react, haven`t fully recovered! I`ll assure you that after this when you wake up, you will be very happy with your new self..."
He said while caressing my face.

"But,there is always one reason why i did all was because I LOVE YOU, I love you more than everything in this world...I can`t bear to live without you,sweetheart!"
He whispered into my ears.

"Sweet dreams,sweetheart!"

And there goes me! I dozed off again!

My mind was fluttering freely to the doors of memories, sweet memories...the part when I first met him!
It was as sweet as ecstasy...but`s bitter as coffee!

It was a cold,winter December. I just finished my evening shift as an intern doctor in the me...being a person with a Dr. title in front of the name is ain`t that`s HECTIC!

I walked to the car park...the cold breeze is killing me!
I searched for my car keys inside my handbag. Luck was not on my side when I just remembered that I left my keys in the locker...due to tiredness...I decided to take a briss walk to the nearest train station.I could still catch the last train if I hurry!

As I was walking, I felt like being followed. Last week a girl was reported being raped in this alley! Oh Shoot!! Now I get goosebumps all over me...

I am a girl, walking alone in the dark alleys...on a cold night! How come I never realise that I am very well exposed to danger?

Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around. No one was there, except for a gust of cold breeze blowing the dry leaves! 

'Be positive Dianne, it`s just the leaves'
I calmed myself.

When I came into the corner, I was being pulled. Swiftly. His big hands covered my mouth when I tried to scream!

"Shhhh...don`t shout...I came to help you!"
As if i would fall for that, nice try Mister! Clearly,I did not believe him...came to help me? Help me from what?

"You dont`t trust me?" I shook my head sideways...
I cant talk...his hands was still covering my mouth.

"Okay then, look clearly at the corner over there...the drunkards were following you, from the car park!"

I look at the direction he was pointing at...he is true...I could listen clearly to every words that those scumbags were talking.

"Now where the HELL is she?That damn B****h!! Come out...come out wherever you are!"
One of them said while holding an empty beer bottle. What a sober!

"Girl! You can`t hide from us! We know you are here...hahaha" said another one,and the threw out an *irritated* laughter.

Okay,I misjudged this person. I looked at him...he looked back at me...

"Well,what are we waiting for? Let me have the honour to send you home,can I?" he asked while smiling...

"Urmm...yeah...sure" I agreed...well the last train was surely to leave me by now !And, I am still too lazy to get my keys.

He pulled my hands in his strong grip and we managed our way out of the dark alley.He took out his keys and unlocked his car.WOW! I am impressed...Lamborghini?

"Well Dianne, hop in!" he said.

I sat in the passengers seat. My mind was trying to solve a puzzle...How did he know my name? I was pretty sure that I didn`t tell him...who the hell is he?

I came back into reality when I heard tyres screeching on the road.WallaH ! How did he knew my house? I didn`t even give him my address? He is freaking me out! Was he stalking me before?

Without any hesitation, I grabbed the door knob and tried to push the door.It was on automatic lock! What is he trying to pull off now?

"Hey, why are you in such a hurry?" he grinned at me.

"Listen Mr.John Doe! Thanks for saving me and for giving me a ride home, but you are freaky!You knew my name, my address...I meant"...he cut my words...

"Oh? That`s why...I am totally sorry Dianne, I forgot to give you this." he handed me a piece of hard card...I can`t see what it was because his car was dark.

He switched on the lights identity card!
I looked at! He was like...the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen, he was ten times better than Robert Pattinson! He was white, so soft and yet so HOT!

Omigosh! Dianne...snap out of it!

"You must had slipped your ID card in the parking lot,that`s why I followed you, and don`t you worry sunshine...I never stalked you before, your ID told me everything!"

Phew! That was save! I knew he`s a good guy! haha...but what was his name again?

"BTW, I am Michael, Dr. Michael Van de Louisse, I just transferred here a few days before..." Did he just read my mind? hmm...

"So, Dr. Michael..."
"Call me Mike..." okay, that was fast...was he trying to flirt?
If he wasn`t then, I am...hahaha...

"Mike, care for a cup of hot chocolate, I am an expert you know..." I invited him for a drink...

"Yeah,sure! I mean...the night is still young..."

From then on, I became more and more attached to Michael. He had everything that a girl wants in a man...

One day, while I was gazing at the full moon from his cabin in the hospital,he knelt down before me and said...

"Dianne my love,would you accept me for better or worse,in richness or poor till death do us apart?Please be the last missing puzzle in my life sweetheart, you completes me...Be my wife,come hell or high water?"

He proposed me! I was star-strucked...I was speechless...I held out my right hand for him to wear me the shiny diamond ring!

"I love you,Darling" I said to him.Tears rolled down my cheeks.Happy tears.

"Shhh, more crying" he took me in his arms. Gently,he pressed his lips against mine. The taste of sweet mint and salt mixed together.It was my first...I saved it for my husband.

Two days later, we get married. Everything was fast. I was an orphan so it was easier.Later on, he took me on a romantic honeymoon in the city of love, Paris.

I was so excited when he showed me our suite that was facing the Eiffel Tower. It was winter, the scenery was extra romantic!

But,something was on my mind. It`s Michael...every night, around 2 o`clock...he will go out from this room...I had the slightest idea that he was cheating on me!

One night, I pretended to sleep. When I heard him close the door, I opened my eyes. I looked at the clock, sharp 2.00 a.m. I grabbed my cloak and followed Michael smoothly. I didn`t want him to know that I doubted him.

I saw him heading to a pub.I was already heading back to the hotel room until I saw him, passionately kissing a French lady, on the silent street. I started to cry over my fate.

"It hasn`t been a month since the marriage,and he got himself a new woman? Such a loser you are, can`t even differentiate between a man`s love, and lust!"

I talked to myself. I can`t even take my eyes of the two 'lovebirds'...he kissed her just like how he used to kiss me everyday. Passionately. Very passionate kiss. I was furious and eerie.Then,I heard a loud growl!

My heart skipped a beat!That was not 'my husband'!!No way!
He`s...he`s a monster!This cant be true....

In the corner, I saw Michael sucking hard on the woman`s blood,with his canine teeth! He got FANGS! He was a cold-blooded creature! A Vampire?

Yes...A vampire...I must be crazy...I was married to a vampire?

"Grrr" I heard him growling again. I saw him STARING fiercely at me...oh no! I certainly do not want to end up like that woman!

He was approaching me with that deathly look.
I took a few steps backwards and without me realising, a drunk driver was speeding towards my way and... BANG!!

I could feel the heavy tyres on my back. I could feel my flesh being pulled away from my bones...It hurts badly...I cant stand it...and yet, I rather choose dying than living for the rest of my life with a vampire.

I still remember how was his face when the car crushed onto me.He was smiling...

The driver ran away. I cant even open my eyes. Pain was back, my chest, my feet...everywhere...oh GOD! Please save my baby...yes, I am carrying a life in my womb...Michael Junior...

"I am sorry sweetheart...I at least need a reason to turn you into a vampire...I am sorry, our baby is safe..."
That were the last words that I heard. I felt a sweet ecstatic bite before I was unconcious.

I remembered scolding him and asking for a divorce...but that was me in my 3rd phase of recovery...two days later,I opened my eyes,fully recovered.

I leaned against the pillow on my back. I saw Michael holding two champagne glass,the only thing was no champagne...its blood! I could tell it by the smell...

He held out a glass for me.We toasted.

"I welcome you both, Dianne Stevens van de Louisse and our baby to the clan." I was smiling at him, no more divorce, no more furiousity...I am brand new...

"Sorry sweetheart for not being frank with you before..."
He touched my bare shoulders.

"You knew that I was going to follow you right,that night? That was why you pulled out the drama, right?"
I read his mind.That was so simple...

"Yes, dear...French vampires blood are so sweet..." we continued sipping the blood.I could handle a few more, I was hungry...

"But dear,may I know...why were you smiling when that car hit me?" I asked him.

"Because, I saw myself successfully turned you into one of us, and we both live eternally, until GOD says so!"

 "Dianne Stevens ,knowing this man's love for you and returning it, realizing his strengths and learning from them, recognizing his weaknesses and helping him to overcome them, take Michael Ven de Louisse to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Mike repeated  their wedding vows.

"I do.." I said to him...

"I pronounce us husband and wife, now I may KISS the beautiful bride!"

In a swift move, he conquered my lips,my heart and my soul!

"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.
 To wake at dawn with a winged heart 

 and give thanks to  another day of loving;  
 To rest at the noon`s hour and meditate love`s ecstasy,
 To return home eventide with gratitude, 

 and then sleep with a prayer;
 For the beloved in your heart

 and a song of praise upon your lips.
 I swear to you sweetheart,
 that our love will always be a bliss"

He swept me off the ground with his words...

"I`m sorry for everything..." I said...
"Not a single word, let`s enjoy our Honeymoon!"
He lifted me toward the bed...

"I love you,Mike" I whispered, he smiled and held me close to his chest. guys must be wondering right what happened to the French woman...well, Michael did say that it was all along a drama...that woman was also a`s okay for her blood to be sucked out,she won`t die...

The fact is,Vampires don`t kill,...and we are not so hooked to human fresh blood...we have our own vampire blood bank. So,you mortals out there, don`t be afraid of me...I am still a doctor,I save lives,not steal them!

                                                           - FIN-


  1. ku tak sangka cite ni kawin ngn vampire..haha..nice try sis..walaupun aku tak la berape reti english ni btw aku fhmla jugak..kikiki..chessy tu perlu, kalau tak tak sweet, am i right? :)

  2. Babe, it's just nice. How did you know I like vampire stuffs? Haha. Thanks for letting me know of this new short story of yours. :)

    Love, N.

  3. HAHA...last week i was having a de8 with my fren on FB...she likes dragons but I like vamps...

    BTW...i dedicate this SS to BFF,,,huhu...N, u miss Q ryte...n I miss Shifa *the person who really can debate on vamps*
    ...I just hope that she survived in that National Service thingy!

  4. Vamps are cool. :)
    I like everything that is dangerous, because they are usually hot. :) Heh

  5. syiok.nt bt cte chenta.psl ak dan scipp pulak.huk. :)

  6. bell! banyak lah ko nye n scipp...ko ngan lia kn?hehe...

  7. haha.a'ah.yela2.selit2kn unsur3 wu.


    hahahha.. best2.. how did u know that i like vam??? o0o0o0 i like vampire coz their r so0o cute hahaha...

    nice keep on writing :)

    love amie ^__^

  9. lah.awk ke tulis citer ni?baru jumpa blog ni lepas da lame bce cite ni kt p2u.:D aku adore gile cite ni! congrats! ^^v

  10. Anonymous : haha really? Wah, thanks. Dah lama dah ni, time mula-mula dulu, masa tengah form five. La ni tak tulis dah fantasy punya cerita, sebab my version of fantasy tak ada thriller macam orang lain. hehe =D

  11. hoho..cte sal cintan cintun vampire rupenye, best3!!jln cerita yg ringkas but still enough for the readers 2 understand de whole part of dis story...gud job writer =)

  12. huhu..vampire..saya suka..saya suka!!
    Mike = Damon Salvatore..hew3