Thursday, January 13, 2011

~new old lame story~

Okay...reffering 2 the TOPIC...u can see tht im being so,so,so transparent ryte now!!

i really cant figure out WHAT i want 2 do I decided 2 put several of my `karya` which i wrote in my highschool in here...

BUT the probs NOW is,I put a new story instead,,,~LOCENG~...what a lame title..

yeah!its so lame because...usually in my highschool my BFF used 2 pick the title for me...~im lame in this me...i know how bad i am..

now..she`s gone for the National me completely alone by myself here,

"i felt like crying!!"...for another,what?2 months something...


back to the topics...i got a little brainfreeze,got no idea how to continue about,i think i wanna re-type all the old stories that i wrote in my EXERCISE BOOKS...and paste it here...hopefully,u guys will enjoy!

OKAY now!!bring out ur water balloons and throw it at me!I`m giving a chance 4 u guys to make me ur PUNCHING bag!

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