Monday, April 10, 2017

Hye there, lovelies! I seriously do not know who're still reading this blog. But anyways, as usual, my every achievement, I'll update here too because this is my roots.

After a long hiatus, I've managed to come up with a new book. This one is a bit special to me because it's a standalone series from Bidadara The Series. 

Presenting, Book #1 : GIO

This is a very light read. So to those who'd want to destress after a long, tiring weak, this is your kind of reading material. Like the cover, Gio *the hero* is one sweet guy and with the heroin, he is waaaay sweeter.

This book is being published under Penerbitan BesQ but I too am taking the online orders. So, if you are reading this and you feel like getting a copy, you can reach me through : 

P/S: If not, you can always drop by BesQ's booth during PBAKL end of this month and get your copy!

To be noted, this book is a special edition and will not be in the bookstores. Once it's sold out, there will be no republishing it again. So you might wanna hurry and book yours now.

A/N -Teasers are available here :

Check out the online pricing. The price shown is including postage for online orders.
 Originally, it's RM25 (sm) / RM28 (ss)

You also can order the other  three BesQ books with me. Pricing as stated below. 

We also have special offers for you until 26/4/2017. Might wanna hurry and book your copies now! That's all from me!


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